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My veiw of Gun control...

Gun control is really very easy. 

Grasp the forefront of the gun with one hand and the middle of the gun, near the trigger mechanism with the other and pull the butt of the gun into your shoulder.

Right there you have full control of he gun.


Disclaimer...The tragedies that have occurred are just that.  Nothing can bring back the victims.

But, to think that you will stop the violence with more controls is way off base.


If a bad person wants a gun all it takes is a few questions down in a shaky part of town and have cash and you will have a gun pronto.

Having worked in corrections, I have seen how easy it is to get an illegal gun.


Do we need controls, yes, to a point but getting crazy is not going to stop the problems.





Comment balloon 11 commentsWilliam Feela • June 26 2016 10:15PM


One other note that the media does not tell you.  They talk about how powerful the so called "assault rifle' is...I have 8 rifles that I use for hunting and all have more power than the assault rifles. and I can get large ammo clips for them also.  Just an FYI.

Posted by William Feela, Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No. (WHISPERING PINES REALTY) about 4 years ago

My thought are the same as yours.  Teach respect and gun control will happen

Posted by Esther Preston (Heartland Realty) about 4 years ago

Good morning William.  The Second Amendment doesn't mean much any more.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will end the issue should the government overstep their duties.  No wait, they already have

Posted by James Dray, Exceptional Agents, Outstanding Results (Fathom Realty) about 4 years ago

William Feela Based on the mini-riot in Sacramento involving knives over the weekend, soon the only thing politicians will allow us are toenail clippers. We all know that animate object kill people, after all!

Posted by Sandy Padula and Norm Padula, JD, GRI, Presence, Persistence & Perseverance (HomeSmart Realty West & Lend Smart Mortgage, Llc.) about 4 years ago

Good morning William,

The real question is while we have our attention on gun control is what fast one are they trying to pull in the back ground.

Make yourself an astonishing day.

Posted by Raymond E. Camp, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester (Howard Hanna Real Estate Services) about 4 years ago

It boils down to how much privacy do we need to give up to stay safe.

Posted by Vern Eaton, Realtor 651-674-7449 about 4 years ago

The second amendment was written when we armed with muskets, not assault weapons.  While some folks say,"Guns don't kill, people do," they also say, "Guns save lives."  You can't have it both ways, folks!

As for the second amendment - I'm for it!  However, that being said, I also believe in background checks.  And, I support the "No Fly - No Buy" idea.  For those who would argue there are folks who are on the "No Fly" list that haven't been given due process, I say then give them process.  

Here's a little thought for the day, about those who feel the Constitution is set in stone and shouldn't be revisited.  

From Thomas Jefferson's letter to James Madison:

"Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right. It may be said, that the succeeding generation exercising, in fact, the power of repeal, this leaves them as free as if the constitution or law had been expressly limited to nineteen years only. In the first place, this objection admits the right, in proposing an equivalent. But the power of repeal is not an equivalent. It might be, indeed, if every form of government were so perfectly contrived, that the will of the majority could always be obtained, fairly and without impediment. But this is true of no form. The people cannot assemble themselves; their representation is unequal and vicious. Various checks are opposed to every legislative proposition. Factions get possession of the public councils, bribery corrupts them, personal interests lead them astray from the general interests of their constituents; and other impediments arise, so as to prove to every practical man, that a law of limited duration is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal." --Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1789. ME 7:459, Papers 15:396

Posted by Myrl Jeffcoat, Greater Sacramento Real Estate Agent (GreatWest Realty) about 4 years ago

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I have to agree with you on this one, Bill. 

Have a great night. 

Posted by Debbie Laity, Your Real Estate Resource for Delta County, CO (Cedaredge Land Company) about 4 years ago

I agree Bill, controlling the guns is not likely to be the answer, and I really hate permits for anything.


Posted by Bob Crane, Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671 (Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, Keller Williams Fox Cities) about 4 years ago


Recently a thug walked into a convince store in South Florida with a gun his hand. He told the person at the cash register that he wanted the money and had gun pointed in the direction of that person. Within seconds both the person at the register and owner shoot the thug.

Good Guys 1 Thug 0.

Good luck and success.

Lou Ludwig

Posted by Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC (Ludwig & Associates) about 4 years ago