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Some Mid day humor

Time to laugh at ourselves.


A father and young son were elected by the community of cannibals to find dinner.

As the two of them waited in ambush, along comes an old very thin man.

"Hey Dad, there's one." exclaimed the son.

"No son, there isn't enough meat in him to feed the dogs."


After a while a very over weight man waddled by.

"Dad, how about that one,, looks like he has a lot of meat on him!"

"No son, true, he has a lot of meat but we would die of heart failure from all the fat"


An hour goes by and down the path walks a very pretty and curvaceous young lady.

"DAD,  how about we eat her, she looks to be the right size."

"Well we are not going to eat her son.  We will take her with us and eat your mom!"


Did I say we need to laugh at ourselves?   ; }

Comment balloon 16 commentsWilliam Feela • March 21 2018 05:30PM
Some Mid day humor
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