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Buyers know what type of financing you have.

Buyers, please know what kind of financing you qualify for.

Is it Conventional?   FHA?   VA?   USDA?    Or?

I have seen to many people fall in love with a home only to find out the home does not qualify for  the financing the buyer has.

The best thing is to get a copy  of your pre-approval letter to the agent before you fist meet or at the least  bring a copy with you.

I can save you a lot of time!   And it makes it easier for us to help you.


I wonder if she knows

Comment balloon 4 commentsWilliam Feela • February 08 2018 09:26PM
Buyers know what type of financing you have.
Buyers, please know what kind of financing you qualify for. Is it Conventional? FHA? VA? USDA? Or? I have seen to many people fall in love with a home only to find out the home does not qualify for the financing the buyer has. The best… more
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