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It is near winter...will your trees survive?

Yes, winter is knocking at our door.

You just planted some trees t his fall.

Now you are worried about  them surviving.


Well, per my tree farm expert, now is a great time to plant.

Make sure you dig the whole 1  1/2 times the size of the root ball on the tree.

Water the hole heavily, at least 5 gallons.

Put the tree in and fill the hole with fresh nutrient filled dirt.

Pack it firmly.

Stake the trees so they stay straight.  Water heavily until the ground freezes.


I did that with these 26-30 arborvitae's 2 years ago and all survived.

Advice was golden!



Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • October 29 2018 12:46AM
It is near winter… will your trees survive?
Yes, winter is knocking at our door. You just planted some trees t his fall. Now you are worried about them surviving. Well, per my tree farm expert, now is a great time to plant. Make sure you dig the whole 1 1/2 times the size of the root ball… more
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