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Game Camera useage.

A neighbor had something taking some apples off his tree.

He really wanted to know what animal it could be.

A deer?

A bear?



Well, he went and bought 2 trail or game cameras.

Set them up and 3 days later, got picture of the animal(s).

It was a couple of 2 legged animals.

A trap was set and the boys were caught and dealt with privately.


The point is, unlike myself, he used the camera's for a different reason.

I use them to see what I have for deer like above.


These camera's have many uses.

Cost, $60-$80 will get you a nice camera.

It will take day or night photo's or video.

Night time photo's use infrared lighting so it is not easily seen unlike a flash.


Need a bit of security?  I use 6 when I go on vacation.

They point at the doors of entry and one at cars coming and going.


A lady friend uses one to monitor her bird feeders to see if anything new comes along.

An 8 gig SD card  will get you nearly 1000 photo's.


Just a suggestion for a bit of peace of mind.



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Game Camera useage.
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