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You made the mistake...now what?

It was Black Friday and the item you have waited for was on a super deal.

So you bought it along with  a lot of other stuff.

When the cashier asked how you wanted to pay for it...CHARGE IT!!!


But, you are in the middle of buying a  house.   Your numbers are very tight.

This will change your payment.  You could possibly not qualify now.

What should you do?


Small normal purchases will not hurt, but that large one could change the numbers.


Monday morning is on the horizon.

First off check to see when your payment will be due.

If it is less than a week before the closing...Call the card company.


Make a payment over the phone.

It usually only takes a couple days to process and you will be back to normal.


Then, it is best to put that card aside until after closing!


Comment balloon 9 commentsWilliam Feela • November 27 2017 01:03AM
You made the mistake… now what?
It was Black Friday and the item you have waited for was on a super deal. So you bought it along with a lot of other stuff. When the cashier asked how you wanted to pay for it… CHARGE IT!!! But, you are in the middle of buying a house. Your… more
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