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Insurance is not all the same...

Many a home owner that is trying to save a couple of bucks will find out the first time they file a claim.

A cheap insurance may not cover repairs 100%.

Many companies will "Pro-Rate" an issue.  

Roofing for one.  A new roof is worth "X" dollars.  They may look at the life of a roof being say 20 years.

If it is 10 years old, you get paid only 50% if the replacement value.

This is very true on many issues.

I am all for saving money, but, I had replacement cost on my policy...when a fire destroyed a shed, Everything got replace new.


For about $100 we didn't have to put out any money to replace our property.

Cheap is not always thrifty.

Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • August 30 2016 07:30PM
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