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My hearts bleed for you...

 Yes they do bleed...My wife's bleeding hearts that is.

We brought these home from our cabin 4 years ago as spindles.

Today they are thriving.

My wife even has a white variety...all growing wild at the cabin.

It is great to finally see some color in our yard...and I just saw another blossom to check out.

Comment balloon 4 commentsWilliam Feela • May 22 2016 07:25PM
My hearts bleed for you…
Yes they do bleed… My wife's bleeding hearts that is. We brought these home from our cabin 4 years ago as spindles. Today they are thriving. My wife even has a white variety… all growing wild at the cabin. It is great to finally see some color in… more
I shared this before but it is worth sharing again.
Many of us don't pull a trailer very often. But now that summer is here we put in the hitch accessory and hook up the boat and go. We then get home and we leave that accessory in place. We then for get and the first time we need to get into the back… more
Full moon tonight…
My wife and I took a night time walk tonight. I was a bit surprised that the moon was full. I normally know that days on advance. So, are the kooks out tonight. Are you getting strange calls. It is the Full Moon and anything can happen… better look… more
ActiveRain… Fantasy Baseball still going strong.
Yes, Fantasy Baseball is still going strong. There are many teams that are really on top of their teams game. The top teams are fighting hard… So here we go… Still on top… .. more
I love Early mornings…
Let me re-phrase that. I love Early morings on the lake. I didn't get out this weekend, but looking back on past years lets me dream. In two weeks I will be up at 4 am. With any luck I will see a scene something like this one… A calm morning is… more
Butterfly's raised by kids…
I never knew it but there are companies that raise bugs for schools and research facilities. My neighbor and client is one of those people. A couple of weeks ago he gave me a few caterpillars along with the forgoer food. They were for my 6 year old… more
To cold to fish, so I planted trees…
Yes, to cold and to windy, but a weekend at the cabin was still in store. We had bought some arborvitae's (26) as a privacy barrier for the future. 5-6 foot tall. So, I planted the trees and did a lot of maintenance work so now, Memorial weekend… more
It snowed in North Branch Minnesota
Yes… a eek ago we had 90 degrees… today… snow flurries. It is not all that uncommon except to have it hot for several and then freer. Ladies all over here are covering up flowers 2nd gardens. It is supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow. … more
Take a child fishing…
Yes, it is the opener. We have been waiting all winter long for this. But, many of the kids have also. So, find a bit of time and take the kids out fishing. But hey, let's be smart about it… Look for the pan fish. Kids get bored really fast and… more
Minnesota Fishing Opener is Saturday.
Yes, the opener for game fish is this Saturday. There have been many blogs on fishing and being ready. But this one is for safety. If you are fishing from a boat… WEAR THAT LIFE JACKET!!! I have a friend a few years ago almost died when he fell… more