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It is the end of an era...

Today I took a final walk down memory lane.

I went hunting on my land in Pine County, Minnesota.

The end of an era, is because  dad passed this fall.

We had hunted the opening of Deer Hunting for 45 years, this would have been 46 years.


In the early years we hunted many different locations.

Deer were scarce and we tried many things to harvest any deer

Few of the hunters are still hunting or even with us.  This year I even hunted home opening weekend.


I did make a short trip to my land a week ago, but it was not the same.

Truthfully, it had not really been the same with dad having a stroke and being paralyzed on one side.  But, he still managed to harvest a couple of deer.   But, he was not able to get out into the woods with me and do the small drives we had enjoyed.


So, today, I took a walk down memory lane.  I went to the spot I harvested my first deer.  To the spot dad fell into the little creek because of the slippery snowfall. To where my sister harvested the largest Buck we ever took on the property.

And there was a lot more.  The wins, the loses and good stands and the not so good ones.  Most all had at least some signature of dad on them.


Am I sad to see the property go?  Yes in a way, but then life moves on and it is time to make some new memories.

When someone smart enough to see what this land will provide, they to will build many a memory.  And I wish them safe hunting!!!!


I built this home made stand 20 years ago.  It has served me well, but now is beyond repair.  Some old lumber and carpet for a wind break.

In the spring I will tear it down and get rid of the materials.  Dad was instumental in me building this stand and I could not have done it without him.







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