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To much of a good thing?

Well it is finally here.


Many people have been whining about none.

Those with snowmobiles and skies to mention a few.

But, there are also those who need the snow to work.

Work has been slow this year so far.

So far...but it broke loose in the southern part of the state.

12+ inches is a good amount.

Workers will stay busy foe a couple of days.

Recreators will be happy for days longer.

But...12+ plus...to much a good thing?


Comment balloon 11 commentsWilliam Feela • December 29 2015 06:47PM
To much of a good thing?
Well it is finally here. SNOW! Many people have been whining about none. Those with snowmobiles and skies to mention a few. But, there are also those who need the snow to work. Work has been slow this year so far. So far… but it broke loose in the… more
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