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Septic care in the winter.

With the long extreme cold spell some people are having issue with their

private septic systems.   They are freezing up.

Here are a few tips that can help now...


1.Don't cut back on your water use.   The heat from the water will help keep your system clear.

2. If you have a dripping facet, fix it now.  This is the biggest reasons for septic freeze ups.

3. Spread your clothes washing out, do a load a day instead of all of it one day.

Do NOT drive over any part of the system.  The snow is a great insulator and packing of the snow allows the cold to go deeper into the ground.


Things to think about while it is warm.


1. Mow the grass to normal lawn length until mid fall.  Then allow the grass to get 4-6 inches tall.  This is a great insulator as well.

2. Septic tanks need to be pumped every few years.  Pump your system in the spring.    This allows the tank a chance to build up the bacteria that works in your system and that bacteria creats heat also which will help the system not freeze up.


Keeping these few things in mind will help prevent any freeze ups.


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Septic care in the winter.
With the long extreme cold spell some people are having issue with their private septic systems. They are freezing up. Here are a few tips that can help now… 1. Don't cut back on your water use. The heat from the water will help keep your… more
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