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It is then sound being heard across the nation.

This year  all 30 teams are scheduled to start play the same day.

This has not happened since 1968.

although there are a few games post poned because of the weather.

For many, routing for the home team favorites will be the norm.

Others love the fantasy part of the game.

Still others it is the Hot dogs and beer!

Still others say..."Finally...Spring!!!"


There are a few miss guided souls out there that feel the Red Sox will be the top team and others say it is the Yankee's.


The Minnesota Twins will just stay in the background until the end ans surprise most of the pundints.






Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • March 29 2018 11:25AM
It is then sound being heard across the nation. This year all 30 teams are scheduled to start play the same day. This has not happened since 1968. although there are a few games post poned because of the weather. For many, routing for the home team… more
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