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Technology is great...Or....

Technology is great...or is it.

It is as long as it works.

But if it doesn't...


Today I was getting gas in my car.  The station was busier than normal.

I never pay at the pump.  (I know tow people who we victim of the scanners)

Anyway, I went inside and there was a long line.  Computers were down. 

The tellers could not verify the pump amounts, so even if you had cash they didn't know how much you owed.

As it turns out, if you paid at the pump that worked, but now there are people inside waiting to pay and others who wanted to get gas but could not because the pumps could not be cleared.


After about 15 minutes and some calls they were able to work stuff manually to get everyone paid.


Yes, technology is great...as long as it works!


The old cash registers never had this issue!

Comment balloon 12 commentsWilliam Feela • April 08 2016 11:58AM
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