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Comment balloon 7 commentsWilliam Feela • December 22 2016 02:35AM
A fun challange…
Baby it is cold outside.
At least that is what I have been hearing lately. I really don't think it has been that bad, but for some it has been brutal to hear it from them. I remember winters a lot colder and more snow. But I guess that climate change or global warming… more
Are you happy where you live???
Are you happy with where you live? I hear a lot of complaining about hating the cold. But those that complain don't do anything about it. Only one person can fix your living arrangement, that is YOU! If you hate where you live, stop complaining and… more
Some think it is cold outside!
WOW! I can't believe all the complaining. People are complaining about the cold. It hasn't gotten really cold yet. I talked with a women today that complained about the cold. She moved here from Mississippi. She moved here because if the… more
Christmas Prank causes a stir..
The following photo show some Christmas humor. But, people reacted in a more serious manner than was thought. People driving by seen this man hanging precariously from the roof, Ladder tipped over. But, this was not real. Police was called and a… more
Some winter fun…
Winter can be a lot of fun, once you get the work done. I think back as a kid some of the fun we had after the work was done. Catching snow flakes on our tongues was always a fun thing to do. But, when we did do it, we were very very careful… more
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
It is snowing again and I love it. We have not had a great white Christmas in a few years. Yes, we had some snow, but it was nothing like the old days. Well, it is beginning to look like the old days with about 8 inches on top of the 4 we had… more
I am still in the Christmas humor mood!
Well, I decided to send Santa a letter this year. He had been good to me for the most part. But I think Santa is getting old like me and he doesn't see so well when he reads. So I sent this note this year. I hope he can get it right this time… … more
My clients are looking for a home…
Yes, I have clients looking for a home. Some are looking in town and some out in the country. Yes, it is winter, but many of the buyers did NOT go away. People buy and sell homes and land all year long. Get a jump on the rush and call me. I have… more
It is time to chuckle again…
With the 5-6 inches of snow we got, I have shoveled much of the day. So now, it is time to relax and maybe laugh a bit. Christmas is coming closer and my wife is busy decorating. I have heard some people complaining. I have always wondered if it… more