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Minnesota is in for a heat wave.

We are looking for mid 90's the next few days.

Besides ourselves staying hydrated there are others that need to also.

Our pets.  Water and shade for those outside.

Live stock als  need water and shade.

Gardens...Flower and veggie.   Both need water.  Water n the early morning and late in teh evening.

The hear is great for the crops to grow, but they need water especially those very small seedlings that don not have a large root structure yet.

This heat is not unusual, but it is just a bit early!



Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • June 09 2017 01:18PM
Minnesota is in for a heat wave. We are looking for mid 90's the next few days. Besides ourselves staying hydrated there are others that need to also. Our pets. Water and shade for those outside. Live stock als need water and shade. Gardens… more
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