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And here comes Irma....

Irma, already a cat 4 storm is heading for Florida and other southern states.

There will be a lot of devastating damage.

I wonder...


After seeing the damage Harvey did, will people plan ahead more?

I know he path is not for sure, but there are about 4-5 days to prepare.


Get the valuables and seek higher ground.

Even  if you move personal property several hours north, there is still time to make several trips before the masses plug the highways.


Please, Be Smart, Be safe.

Get out while you can do so safely.



Comment balloon 17 commentsWilliam Feela • September 05 2017 11:58AM
And here comes Irma…
Irma, already a cat 4 storm is heading for Florida and other southern states. There will be a lot of devastating damage. I wonder… After seeing the damage Harvey did, will people plan ahead more? I know he path is not for sure, but there are… more
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