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There are many canvases.

Artists have many canvases.

Some us only a flat surface.

others can use many more things.

Halloween is a great example.

The pumpkin gives the artist a wide range  of media to work their wares.

Some of these are un-canny.

I am no artist nor do I see what the artist sees.

I for one wish I had more of a artistic talent!





Comment balloon 12 commentsWilliam Feela • October 07 2018 10:17AM
There are many canvases.
Artists have many canvases. Some us only a flat surface. others can use many more things. Halloween is a great example. The pumpkin gives the artist a wide range of media to work their wares. Some of these are un-canny. I am no artist nor do I see… more
WE see what we want to see.
Have you eve looked at a photo and asked yourself is it a morning shot or an evening shot. A study has found that we look at photo's and make a fast decision as to what we like in our minds. WE automatically put a time ftame on the photo. We will… more
How names fall into place.
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2 Professionals missed it.
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You never know who you will meet…
I went to the cabin today today to check it out.. I also put in some mouse repellent. Checked the gas and made sure everything was secure. I got back into my car and started to leave. I stopped suddenly… my drive was blocked. This pair of fawns… more
These guys are not friendly…
Here is a nest of a black bee or what I believe is a wasp. They build these nests with material that they get from plants and, well, spit. One thing is these guys are not nice neighbors. If they feel anything is a threat, they are all over them. Not… more
And it tasted just like that!
I am not one that gets real excited about what I eat. What I mean is I don't go over board counting calories… or FAT calories. I am being told by many outlets that I need to watch what kind of stuff I put into my body. Well, after 31 years (times 2… more
Deer season or football season?
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10 Fun Facts to start the weekend…
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