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Do you proof read your writings?

I sometime have someone proof read my blogs and always my print ads.

My grammar is not real good and my spelling is even worse.

But, I know there are many times when it sounds just great...in our own mind, but them someone says....

Do you realize...

Here are a few to chuckle about...

If I am driving through....well you get it.

Sausage links anyone?

I was sure a Zombie attack was imminent.







Comment balloon 14 commentsWilliam Feela • August 23 2015 08:39PM
Do you proof read your writings?
I sometime have someone proof read my blogs and always my print ads. My grammar is not real good and my spelling is even worse. But, I know there are many times when it sounds just great… in our own mind, but them someone says… Do you realize… more
A thought to really think about
I believe I have posted this a few years back but I think it is time again… Sometimes common sense comes from those that really know. An old Cherokee told his grandson. "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside of us. One is… more
I am a little bit City…
I talk a lot about my rural living and work. But that does not limit me to only working in the open air. North Branch, Minnesota is a Bedroom community. So, for those who like living in town close to shopping and schools for the kids, there are… more
It is time to start thinking of buying hunting land
Yes, I know that you can not see 5 feet in front of you in good hunting woods, but there is a lot of work to be done before you set foot in the forest. Take these into consideration. How are you going to pay for this purchase? Loan, cash, C4Deed… more
Our Snowball bush loved all the rain this year…
As did most of the plants in my area, all the rain did them good. This bush even got a good dose of fertilizer which I am sure also helped. I had also trimmed it back a lot and that should also contributed to the bounty. That middle cluster is all… more
It is Sunday evening and it looks like rain!
Yes, it looks like rain and this beautiful plant my wife has nurtured is looking for a drink. Actually, all the plants, garden and lawn could use a drink. If we don't get enough, tomorrow morning, very early I will start the 2 hour process. Need to… more
Look very closely at that old pole barn.
I see it all the time. I walk into an older pole type shed and the vastness of it can be awe inspiring. People are all ready looking at all the room they have for big boy toys. But, you must look close. Many older pole sheds when they were built did… more
Bill, Why do you post so much about nature…?
I was asked this by a person that follows my blog. It is a good and a fair question. My answer to him was… Well, you see, I live and work in a rural area. In my area we have a large array of wildlife. People who want to move to a rural… more
Phase one is done!
I posted yesterday about the Caterpillar. Will it did spin it's cocoon. From memory it takes about 3-4 weeks. At that time I hope to see a Pretty Green Luna Moth, but I am suspecting it to be only a brown moth with the eyes on the bottom of the… more
The metamorphosis has started…
In an earlier log today I showed a large Caterpillar. This one to be exact. Well tonight it has started it's metamorphosis. It is spinning it's cocoon. Hard to get a real close up that is clear, but you can see the start of the spinning. I… more