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Could a land line save your life...

Here is a thought.


Land lines are connected to 9-1-1.


An emergency call center.   When you call them they know where the call comes from.  Possibly who the caller is.  And if you get disconnected...the operators know where to send help.

A friend not long ago had a diabetic incident.   She called 9-1-1.

She was talking to the operator when she passed out....She had only talked about 30 seconds and had not given her address. 

She had called on ... a cell phone.  She did NOT have a land line.

She was now laying on the floor going into a diabetic coma.   The dispatcher had no idea where she was calling from although she was calling from her home.


She was lucky.  She had collapsed in front of her sliding glass door.  A neighbor happened to be walking by and seen her on the floor.

The neighbor called for help   and saved the woman's life.


I understand having a cell phone.  Convenience is great.  You always have your phone at your side and never miss a call.


But, think of the emergencies that happen in life.

Medical issues


Fire and more.


When you call 9-1-1 from a land line the call center knows where the emergency is.

Call from your cell phone it is any ones guess.


For me I will not jeapordize  my life and safety  by not having a land line I can count on knowing where I am calling from if I need help


Just a thought!!!








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