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On more funny...

I know it isn't Friday yet, but My Friday is going to be a bit full.


It is also a bit stressful so I am trying to laugh today.


My wife is getting the menu planned...I don't understand this as it is the same every year.


So, I am hiding looking for some humor to get me through the night...






My wife says she needs to find a turkey......


Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • November 19 2015 07:20PM
On more funny…
I know it isn't Friday yet, but My Friday is going to be a bit full. It is also a bit stressful so I am trying to laugh today. My wife is getting the menu planned… I don't understand this as it is the same every year. So, I am hiding looking… more
Time to start the Thanksgiving fun!!!
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If you want to build, you need to plan ahead!
If you are going to build you need to think ahead… way ahead. Had a client today wanted to pick out a plan and have a price and start building tomorrow. HOLD ON THERE!!! There are many things to think about. Does the plan need to be altered. Have… more
Thanksgiving is nearly here!
Thanksgiving is nearly here and it is time to pick out the bird. Tips on doing so… You want a bird that looks healthy… good plummage clear eyes. One that has had room to grow and crowded. Enough to eat of the right foods. No medicated food if… more
Like many other things, Hunting has an ethics to it.
Just like everything else in life… (with the exception of Politics) There is an ethics to it if you look close enough. In Hunting, it is the 'Fair" chase. Part of the fair chase on deer is you can not bait them. In other words, you can't… more
How are you going to sell my property???
I got a call tonight and my seller asked how I was going to sell his property. What do yo mean? Well, a friend was on zillow and they say my property is worth $20, 000 less than what you said it was. I want you to take this off of zillow site!!… more
You're not doing an open house… are you?
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It is hard to soar with the Eagles…
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Caution is needed with your passion…
Tonight it is with heavy hearts that a relative has passed. James Swanson was a jolly guy in his mid 50's. Jim was an avid outdoors man and Deer Hunting was is passion. Sadly, Jim was leaving his stand last night when one of the steps let loose. Jim… more
Way to many people think this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are surrounded by hero's, but many of them are put down. They fight for our country so that we can be free. They fought for our country to make us free. But still, people just don't get it. They believe it is a right, and it is. But, if… more