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Not wanting to work this week says a lot ...

Bob has a great blog today.  It follow what I have heard for years...

"I will work harder when I get paid more!"

That is not the way it works.  You get paid for the work you do...

One of the issues I have with Unions, I have worked very hard all my life and have seen people sluff off and still get paid the same that I did.


As Americans we need to change what we say...

From; don't work to hard' to '

work hard and prosper!"

Not wanting to work this week says a lot about why you are still working at Walmart or some other low paying job.


In a free market economy everyone will receive the pay and recognition that they earn.  If their current employer is not paying enough then someone will steal them away and pay them more.  And if they are not earning their paycheck then they will continue to lose jobs until they are at the pay level that they deserve, and sometimes this pay is nothing.


The best way to get a raise is to make yourself more valuable to your employer, get more education, take on more responsibility, work harder, make yourself indispensable.  Demanding that the government require your employer to pay you more just screws up the system for those who do work hard, and leads to you eventually being unemployed.


I have been hearing plenty of whining these past few weeks and months about Walmart or some other evil employer forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving or that ridiculous new holiday, known as black friday.


And everytime that I hear this whining, my first thought is “you are lucky to have a job”, if you were working for me and you whined about working at a time when we needed you the most, I would be looking for your replacement.


I started my work career off at the age of 7 working on my parents farm, we never took a day off and it did not harm our family life, and to this day I still work all the holidays, and still find time to celebrate with my family.


My employees make their own schedules, so it is optional to either take the day off or work, most do a bit of work at home.


My kids are all planning to work Thanksgiving day and through the weekend; and their mother and I both encouraged this good work ethic.


We just asked that they turn in their work schedules so that we could determine the best time to celebrate the holiday.


Using your family as an excuse to not work is nothing but a farce, how many of of these whiners are really planning to spend quality time with their family and how many are planning to watch football, play video games, sit at the bar or go shopping.


If you really cared about your family you would work extra hard, bring home some money, and then schedule a time when you and your family can truly talk and enjoy each other.





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Bob has a great blog today. It follow what I have heard for years… "I will work harder when I get paid more! " That is not the way it works. You get paid for the work you do… One of the issues I have with Unions, I have worked very… more
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