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OH MY...What are they going to do?

A good portion of Europe and some parts of the US are 'off-line'.

Twitter is having some difficulties and has left  a large portion of the affected countries unable to get their twitter fix.

That means no.

I just ate a pop tart

I am going to the store.

I have to go to the bathroom.

My kid just pooped his pants.


OK, in all fairness, there are those that use this service in a more normal way and many in their business. 

But, as one who does not let his life be totally dictated by technology, I think this is somewhat funny.

So many people so addicted to the site that they have to post mundane stuff.


I guess, in some ways it isn't so far off from this post on Active Rain!

Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • January 19 2016 09:28AM
OH MY… What are they going to do?
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