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12 days of baseball..how are the fantasy players doing?

Here is a re-cap of the first few days.

WE have had 4 different leaders with Tinkers2Evers2Chance on top most of the time.

The first few days teams positions jump all over the place as Point's in each stat category start to accumulate.

Later in the year we do not see many big point changes.

So here are the standings as of this Morning...


TEAM                                                                                 Points behind leader

Tinkers2Evers2Chance                                                                ---

Grand Theft Votts                                                                         15.5

The good Guys                                                                              34

The Team of Realman                                                                    35

Natty Buzz                                                                                    46

Wanda's Swag Team                                                                      47

Mary's Team                                                                                 49.5

Brewster 9                                                                                    54.5

Yankee's RULE                                                                              67.5

J. D. Met's                                                                                     72

Minnesota Rain                                                                             74


The season is very young and many big point changes can happen in a day especially now in the early season.


There are also injuries that will play on each teams roster and ability to score more points.  (Being on the bottom...I have have several injuries already).


How about we give some support this year and cheer for a favorite team.

Just leave a comment after each update cheering your team on.


Fun can be had when you are just watching!!!

Let's bring back some of the fun we have had in the past here in the Rain.

Comment balloon 7 commentsWilliam Feela • April 15 2016 08:48PM
12 days of baseball.. how are the fantasy players doing?
Here is a re-cap of the first few days. WE have had 4 different leaders with Tinkers2Evers2Chance on top most of the time. The first few days teams positions jump all over the place as Point's in each stat category start to accumulate. Later in the… more
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