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The digital age has us with more pictures...

Let' finish that sentence...More pictures than we need.

I have seen my wife's collection of photo's and of my own.  We have thousands that never get looked at.

In the last 6 months I deleted close to 1000.

I take multiple so I get a good one, but then never get rid of the bad ones.

I have changed that and I am opening up a lot of space.


Do you have extra pics taking up your storage space.

My wife also has thousand's of the old style printed on photo paper

Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • October 12 2015 04:52PM
The digital age has us with more pictures…
Let' finish that sentence… More pictures than we need. I have seen my wife's collection of photo's and of my own. We have thousands that never get looked at. In the last 6 months I deleted close to 1000. I take multiple so I get a good one, but… more
Conceal and Carry class…
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What a beautiful day in North Branch, Minnesota…
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A tip for those that do not travel much…
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Our national Parks are a sight to behold…
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Week 4 of Fantasy Football
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Friends for ever…
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Things to remember when looking at a 2nd home…
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