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Buying a Minnesota Lake home or lake cabin...

There are many issue to consider and many have no idea until I ask.

What kind of a lake do you want...

Here are some examples...


Designated Nature lake:   These wet lands are usually not very deep, 8-10 feet.  They may have a few varieties of fish, but not considered a fishing lake.  This type of a lake is often private with a lot of water fowl and good for hunting the same.  Many also have motor restrictions


Full Recreational Lakes:  These lakes are large enough for water sports and fishing both.  Most see a lot of people on them especially on weekends.


A fishing lake:   This lake is usually small and quiet.  Not really large enough for a lot of water sports and so does not bring in a lot of people.


A Primary Fishing Lake:  These are premier lakes.  They are usually managed for larger fish of one or more varieties.   These lakes can also be busy and usually have size restrictions on the size a fish needs to be to keep it.


One question I get is how can I tell if a lake will be busy.   Pretty easy actually.  Look for these clues...


How large is the lake....1000 acres  or more.

Is there one or more resorts on the lake.

How large is the boat landing.  How many cars and boat combo's can park while fishing. 

How many boat landing are there.

How easy is the access to this lake.


There are many more things to think about.

Time to call me and start the process.




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Buying a Minnesota Lake home or lake cabin…
There are many issue to consider and many have no idea until I ask. What kind of a lake do you want… Here are some examples… Designated Nature lake: These wet lands are usually not very deep, 8-10 feet. They may have a few varieties of fish… more
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