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Sadly, there is no cure...

It is a sad day for our country and the world in general.

It is a disease that has been progressing with time and no one tried to stop it.  Now, I see no cure on the horizon.


Breaking News...

Common sense is now and endangered species.

Stupidity has taken over the world and unfortunately...there is NO cure!!!


And no one has the guts to try and change things.

Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • July 08 2016 08:49PM
Sadly, there is no cure…
It is a sad day for our country and the world in general. It is a disease that has been progressing with time and no one tried to stop it. Now, I see no cure on the horizon. Breaking News… Common sense is now and endangered species. Stupidity… more
It is that time again…
Time for the update of ActiveRains Fantasy Baseball. As we progress into the season, it gets harder to see big point changes. Brewster9 is in first again, but Tinkers2Evers2Chance held 1st place for most of the time since our last update. The point… more
One of my favorite cabins…
I have seen this cabin a on a small lake by my cabin. It sets all alone on nearly 80 acres and 1/2 mile of lake shore. The land abuts state land. The elderly couple are no longer seen and i have to believe it is the couples children in possession… more
Our new cat was Broke…
We are fortunate to have a new cat. ( My wife's opinion. ) Truth is, he is an outdoor cat and we need a good mouser. Mice and chip monks are disappearing so he is doing his job and I feed him will for doing it. So my wife says we need to get the… more
It is Mamma and baby
I went to check on the loon on her nest. This is what I found… It is an empty nesting site. So, I went on a search and about 30 yards I see them… Mom was having no time for me and my camera. But, there had been 2 eggs and only on chick. … more
I love a warm heart…
The old saying of cold hands warm heart has some truth. But there is more to a warm heart than cold hands. It usually has to do with the company you keep. It may be good friends, or someone that you just met. But, I think this little diddy… more
Cursive writing is on the way out.
WE are hearing more and more that the schools are not teaching cursive writing anymore. I guess I don't know why, but I also don't know why we should teach it. I know that the only time I use cursive is when I sign my name on checks or documents… more
My veiw of Gun control…
Gun control is really very easy. Grasp the forefront of the gun with one hand and the middle of the gun, near the trigger mechanism with the other and pull the butt of the gun into your shoulder. Right there you have full control of he gun. … more
A headache saver for Boat owners…
This has happened to me and is one of the most often occurrence for delays. If you are like me, you trailer your boat to your favorite lakes. YOu load and unload your boat each time. Well, get into the habit of unrolling a window when you… more
Only one in ten…
Here is a fun exercise… Only one in ten can read this. I was sent this and it asks for you to share, but I do not have this set up that way. But, see if you can read this. Don't adjust your screen, just see if you are one of the ten… As… more