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These guys would not cooperate.

Most have figured out I love to shoot wildlife....

Shoot photo's of wildlife to be more accurate.

Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't.

Sometimes the wildlife cooperate and pose beautifully...



And sometimes they don't.

But, I don't get discouraged.  Just like when issue come up in Real Estate...I just dig in and keep going!!!!

Comment balloon 12 commentsWilliam Feela • July 20 2016 08:07PM
These guys would not cooperate.
Most have figured out I love to shoot wildlife… Shoot photo's of wildlife to be more accurate. Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the wildlife cooperate and pose beautifully… And sometimes they don't. But, I don't… more
Such Color…
Every now and again we get to see a great sunset. WE see a lot of them in our rural area. Some are better than others. This one was a very good one although I was on the tail end of it. In your mind just brighten this a little and you still won… more
A chuckle for the outdoors people.
Here is a smile for those that make it important to be in the outdoors… A guy goes to Minnesota on a guided fishing trip. Next to him is an empty seat. " Wow, a no-show on a trip like this. Who would miss a trip like this? "That is… more
Even a Professional Photographer can't make some photo's great.
A lot has been said of the benefit of using a professional photographer. And I do agree that many agents should not take their own photo's. But we have all seen some homes where not even a professional can make it look good. I find that it isn't… more
Wildlife Lives matter also!!!
I have see about 4 different "LIVES" matter groups. It seems that only their group matters. But, this is not about them. This is about our wildlife. AND, I will also include our pets. What I saw today was appalling. A young many swerved… more
Today is the All-star game.. How are the Fantasy teams doing?
It has only been a few games since the last update. Here is where the teams stack up… and believe me, it is anyone's game… The point difference between 1st and last was 65 points but we are at 62 at this point. Grand Theft Votto had the one… more
Do people like you?… What if they don't?
In our Profession it is a good idea to have people like you. It can be hard to work with those you don't like. Many of us go to great lengths to make sure EVERYONE likes us. I am not really worried about EVERYONE liking me, but I prefer that the… more
Do you only wish?
I hear people wishing for this and that. They wonder why they can't do better while they sit back and watch the world go by. I personally have not had much luck while being stationary. I saw a sign the other day that read… You don't always… more
Today I HAD to show a lake home…
It was one of those days where I had no choice. Unfortunately I had to show a home. It was up by my cabin so the rest of the day for working at home would be shot. So, I showed the home, a good showing, and after my clients left, I went to the… more
Last night I heard them whistle…
I love living in the country or as some call it Rural Area. WE have all kinds of wildlife. At night time, we hear several different owls at different times. Last night I could hear the clearly in the yard. It was a soft half whistle. I went out and… more