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So, Where did he get that information from?

Working with a young couple wanting to sell their first home.

I went through what the market is doing, and what has sold in the area .

I did a full market right there in from of them.

I came up with a price and the Mrs.'s said..."That isn't what my uncle Joe said we should list if for."


I am no longer surprised by these statements.

I asked..."Is he a Real Estate agent?"    no

"Has he bought and sold any homes in this area?"    no

"Do you know how uncle Joe got his number?"  no


"So, who do you think has the best information?"


If you are going to sell, trust a professional.  If you don't like the numbers or you think they are wrong, get 1 or 2 more to come in and give you a market value.


Just don't pull a umber out of a hat.



Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • July 20 2017 12:16PM
So, Where did he get that information from?
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