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Want to receive Great customer service?

So you want to receive great customer service.

Well there is one thing you need to do.

We have all seen the person that has yelled at the person they are asking help from.


So here it is...

1. smile

2. nicely explain your situation.

3. be patient


5. Remember the store has policies.  (policies that can be stretched especially by supervisors AT TIMES).

6. Treat these people the way that you really want to be treated...ie;  Don't yell and swear at them if you don't want to be treated that way.


Remember, these people have rules the company have made and they need to follow them.

Put yourself in their shoes...

Comment balloon 2 commentsWilliam Feela • June 18 2018 03:30AM
Want to receive Great customer service?
So you want to receive great customer service. Well there is one thing you need to do. We have all seen the person that has yelled at the person they are asking help from. So here it is… 1. smile 2. nicely explain your situation. 3. be patient 4… more
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