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If You are going to be a No Show... Have the Guts to Call

Bob posted a blog that hits my hot button.  There is just no place in this business for rudeness.

Just like common sense, courtesy is also becoming a dinosaur.


I don't care if it is in your business or your personal life, if you are going to be late or a no show...CALL and let the other party know.

If You are going to be a No Show...  Have the Guts to Callno show



At least call back.

Nothing is more irritating than to take time from your important tasks of the day than to go show a home to someone who does not show up.

The irritation is only compounded when they do not call, do not answer their phone, or even have the decency to return a call.

I understand that things happen, people get into car accidents, people oversleep, peoples brains get fried when in the presence of someone they are attracted to, even a few get arrested, and a few are occasionally beamed up by aliens, or so they say.

But I suspect that the reason why most don’t show up is something simpler, they found a different place, they spaced it out, or they are just plain irresponsible people.

Regardless of the reason or excuse, seeking a home, seeking a job, or even going to college are all grown up activities and demand that you take responsibility.

So make it a point to show up, call if you cannot, and above all return a call!!!



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If You are going to be a No Show… Have the Guts to Call
Bob posted a blog that hits my hot button. There is just no place in this business for rudeness. Just like common sense, courtesy is also becoming a dinosaur. I don't care if it is in your business or your personal life, if you are going to be… more
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