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You gotta love coupons...

Life is pretty simple...

There is man and woman.

We learn at an early age they are not the same and most certainly not the same in their thinking.




Men use love to get sex...

Women use sex to get love...

I use coupons to by pizza...


That tells me I win!

Comment balloon 8 commentsWilliam Feela • February 27 2016 05:35PM
You gotta love coupons…
Life is pretty simple… There is man and woman. We learn at an early age they are not the same and most certainly not the same in their thinking. EXAMPLE: Men use love to get sex… Women use sex to get love… I use coupons to by pizza… … more
It is 5 o'clock somewhere!!!
Although it is past 5 here in Minnesota, it still sounds good to me. It has been a great day in many fronts and so time to celebrate. Time to kick back and enjoy the evening, but I am always ready to take a call. But until then… CHEERS to all my… more
It is Friday and time for a bit of fun…
Yes, today is Friday and it will be a fun weekend. My wife's Birthday and all the Grand kids will be here. I have showings sat morning until 11 and then free for the day. (I have a backup agent) Kids leave at 1 on Sunday and I will pick up from… more
Does your agent have the same interests?
Does your agent have the same interests as you do in life. If you are looking for hunting land, does your agent hunt? Looking for a lake cabin, does your agent fish or enjoy water sports? You need a hobby farm… Does your agent understand the needs… more
Minnesotan's… get your house off the lake!!!
Get that house off the lake!! The ice is getting thin and with the very warm weather we are seeing to move in it will be almost impossible in a week. Sure, northern Minnesota still has some good ice, but per my friends the ice is down from 26 inches… more
7, 8 and counting…
8 and counting… the number of teams signed up for the ActiveRain Fantasy Baseball League. Space is limited so leave a message and I will send the link to join. WE have 6 returning teams and two new teams so far… Anyone else tired of just sitting… more
Don't plant the garden yet…
5… the number of seed catalog's I got today alone. WE are 3 months before we can safely plant. I have been getting these wish lists for 2 months. I know we should plan and I have already done that… But Really! I know it is a dog eat dog market… more
It feels like spring…
Withou t a doubt, it does feel like spring and it is only the 3rd week in February. We have had little snow so the ground is only scattered with some snow. My wife said I should be promoting spring more, so for her here is a pic of last years tulip… more
The rural menace…
Actually this menace is worse in town. Because it is hard to trap them and shooting is out of the question. This little Pine Squirrel is half the size of a gray squirrel but they do a lot more damage. Smaller in size they get into smaller places… more
6 and counting…
6 teams and ActiveRain Fantasy Baseball is in full swing. Just like the Pro's the managers are trickling in. WE have a couple more people who have never played before looking to join this fun time. We do have a limited space and once filled that… more