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Do we have to do our own searches?

I received anew call today and after talking with the gentleman, he asked..."Do we have to do our own searches?"


UMMM, No I relied.


"Good, because there are so many sites and they all have the same information...except for zillard." He told me.   "They seam way off on their numbers."


Yes they are and no, you don't have to search.  Now, lets go over what you are looking for one more time to make sure I have it right and I will get you some ideas to move forward on.


I love these kinds of people...They trust I know my job and will do my best for them...and they are right.


Now, where am I going to find that kind of property...




Comment balloon 9 commentsWilliam Feela • April 16 2016 07:44PM
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