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I am in a squirrely mood.

Hey, it is Saturday and it has been a long day.

I was sent this funny and thought others may need a laugh...


A man is lying in a hospital bed and the nurse comes in...

"Nurse, are my testicle black?"


The nurse lifts the man's gown and takes his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other and says..."Sir they look just fine to me."


The man smiles and takes off the oxygen mask and says to her...

"I want to thank you for that, but listen very carefully...are-my-test-results-back?"


Some of us are just more lucky than others.

Comment balloon 8 commentsWilliam Feela • September 10 2016 07:15PM
I am in a squirrely mood.
Hey, it is Saturday and it has been a long day. I was sent this funny and thought others may need a laugh… A man is lying in a hospital bed and the nurse comes in… "Nurse, are my testicle black? " The nurse lifts the man's gown and… more
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