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It is Saturday night, and my turn to cook.

I like to cook, especially BBQ.  That is my domain.

But for tonight it is a nice sit down meal with my wife.  Just the 2 of us opposite sides of the table.

My wife is hungry for grilled shrimp.  Par cooked broccoli baked potato and a nice salad.

I also like that, but I am thinking a rare steak smothered in sauteed mushrooms.  I agree with the broccoli and salad.

Some of you are thinking it is a lot of work cooking two meals.

No, not really...

In fact here comes Beth, our favorite waitress in our favorite eatery...

HI Bill, I see it is YOUR turn to cook again!


Yes, cooking two meals is no problem.


It is Saturday evening and Beth is working all night.  She will get an extra bump in her tip!


Have a great night...and don't forget the clocks!

Comment balloon 7 commentsWilliam Feela • March 12 2016 01:45PM
It is Saturday night, and my turn to cook.
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