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A thought for Christmas.

Here is a thought for Christmas...

There are so many needy families...Yes, I know there are many that play on the charity of others.

But, there are so many that really need just a boost.

Think about helping a needy family this year.

How do you find them...

My wife and I watch all year long and know of several who are really needy and not asking for help.  ( this year we have 2 deserving families.)

We talk to ministers other people we know.

We find a family, and then we do Christmas for them.

Depending on who ages and needs, it may be a food gift card or it may be clothing.

Small kids get toys.

But when ever possible, we do  it anonymous.


This year, think about those needy families who are proud and are trying to do it on their own.

A small boost can make all the difference!

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A thought for Christmas.
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