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And snow it is!

Well we were told to look for snow and we found it.

Nothing like what PA got.

But, this is a gentle reminder.

Snow shoveling is a killer.

So if you are shoveling, take frequent breaks.

Stand up and stretch the back muscles.

Remember to stay hydrated.

When lifting the snow breath out, it is easier on the heart.


But one of the things few people think about is warming up  the muscles.

Take just a couple of minutes and stretch. 

Muscle pulls are less likely to happen!


Yes, it looks like this again.


Drive safely

Comment balloon 15 commentsWilliam Feela • December 28 2017 03:10PM
And snow it is!
Well we were told to look for snow and we found it. Nothing like what PA got. But, this is a gentle reminder. Snow shoveling is a killer. So if you are shoveling, take frequent breaks. Stand up and stretch the back muscles. Remember to stay hydrated… more
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The snowmen are happy.
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