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3 best friends

Ole, Lars and Sven were 3 best friends.  The did everything together.

There was a terrible accident nd Ole was killed.


Sven and Lars were summoned to identify the body.

Lars got there first and was told that the body was badly burned but  do his best.

The sheet was pulled back and Lars said roll him over.  The mortician rolled him over and Lars said...

Nope, not Ole.


Sven was then brought in and told the same thing.

The sheet was pulled away and Sven said Roll Him over.

He was rolled over and Lars said no, it isn't Ole.


How can you both be so sure?

Well, said Sven, because Ole had 2 a$$holes, although we never did see them.

2 a$$holes? How did yo know that?


Well, because when Ole would be walking down the street people would point and say...There goes Ole with those 2 A$$holes!




Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • September 24 2017 03:17AM
3 best friends
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