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Creating a Home inventory.

Few people do it and it is so important.

A home inventory can save you money and head aches in an emergency.

Here are a few ideas.


Choose a method:   Decided how you will inventory.  Pictures, video, pen and paper.

Document  thoroughly:  This goes along with choosing a method.

Keep your home inventory safe:  Nothing like doing an inventory and then having it lost in the emergency.


Hopefully you will never need this list, but if you do it will be welcomed.

Also, do not forget to update regularly.


Comment balloon 4 commentsWilliam Feela • October 02 2016 04:45PM
Creating a Home inventory.
Few people do it and it is so important. A home inventory can save you money and head aches in an emergency. Here are a few ideas. Choose a method: Decided how you will inventory. Pictures, video, pen and paper. Document thoroughly: This goes… more
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