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AR's Fantasy Football..week two

Week two seen some position swings and some great comebacks for some of the teams

Bill's Team  (Myself)   Holds a small lead

Jack's team is a close 2nd.

Raymond's team is right behind Jack.

Lee's legit team rounds out the top 4.


It is close and anyone could be in the lead next week.


Hey, come join our Group...

AR'S football Fanatics.  Not just for Pro's, jump in on your favorite college team.


Some good natured ribbing is just fine just keep it clean.


Nebraska thought they would re-take their position at the top with a new coach.  I saw them lose 2 already...So much for a new coach.

Comment balloon 9 commentsWilliam Feela • September 23 2015 11:13PM
AR's Fantasy Football.. week two
Week two seen some position swings and some great comebacks for some of the teams Bill's Team (Myself) Holds a small lead Jack's team is a close 2nd. Raymond's team is right behind Jack. Lee's legit team rounds out the top 4. It is close and… more
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