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Labor Day...end of summer?

Up in our nortern climes many people feel that the end of summer hits with Labor Day.

But, Really, Up here in the Nort land, summer is far from over.

I don't get mixed up in the EXACT date for the seasons.

Yes, school starts right after next weekend for the majority of districts.

For me, I will be enjoying the summer more with less crowds at my favorite weekend spots.

So, keep thinking summer is over...I will enjoy late summer and early fall quietly.


The trees are just starting to get a hint of color, but it is still Summer to me!

Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • September 02 2015 08:37PM
Labor Day… end of summer?
Up in our nortern climes many people feel that the end of summer hits with Labor Day. But, Really, Up here in the Nort land, summer is far from over. I don't get mixed up in the EXACT date for the seasons. Yes, school starts right after next weekend… more
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