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A great Minnesota time...

With something of 10,000 lakes to recreate on fishing is one of the most popular.

It can be a inexpensive hobby or one that can get you to invest thousands...(that would be me).  And that does not include the boat.

A fishing license is under $40 for a married couple for all year!

That is pennies a day!


Take a kid fishing and see the smiles on their faces!




Comment balloon 11 commentsWilliam Feela • July 02 2018 03:53AM
A great Minnesota time…
With something of 10, 000 lakes to recreate on fishing is one of the most popular. It can be a inexpensive hobby or one that can get you to invest thousands… (that would be me). And that does not include the boat. A fishing license is under $40 for… more
WE have separate parking spaces…
My wife and I have separate parking spaces. She doesn't like the way I drive let a lone park. But am not the one who backed out of the garage without opening the overhead garage door. Nor am I the one who backed out and right into a guests parked… more
I am the joke teller…
This is true for on my wife's side. On my dad's side we are all part of the great heritage of joke telling. We laugh a lot and often. Get a bunch of people together and look out It is not only my dad and I but uncles and cousins alike. Here is one… more
And finally some cool!
yes it has cooled down. The humidity has also dropped. WE had a good rain of nearly 2 inches/. It cooled us off and lower the humidity so right now 67 feels almost cool. But, hey, we don't mind. It is much easier to breath tonight. Tomorrow it is… more
Just shy of 90 degrees… still
Well yes, it is hat but the 90 I am talking about is in my home. The air conditioner decided to go on vacation. So, lucky for us we have a basement. It is about 15 degrees cooler but still a bit sticky for good sleep. It is supposed to get down to… more
All three Grand kids are here…
Yes all three of the grand kids are here. We don't get to see them often and when we do we make the most of it. WE were all up late last night. Not sure who was more wound up, the kids or Grandma. Today we have all three by ourselves. 8, 6 and 4. … more
How sharp are you?
I ran across this puzzle from some time back. I thought some of us oldies would enjoy it and many newbies would scratch their heads at it. So, now go ahead and read the below statement. Did you find the mistake? If not, read t again, only slower. If… more
Major heat and humidity coming!
Friday. It sounds like this will be a bad one. 96+ and high humidity. Heat index of over 110+ is possible. Stay hydrated! Watch those out working and or playing. And… do NOT forget the pets!!!! Make sure they have water and some shade at minimum… more
Where did summer go?
We have taken a day trip. It was near 90 hen we left yesterday. Today we awoken to 51?. Did I over sleep by 3 months? Well that is Minnesoto for you. If you do it like the weather just wait a day. Ow well, There s still work to be done. Have a great… more
What a sight
This morning I was out and about just to look at the area. Needed some inspiration for a few new photo's. The sun was just coming over the horizon. I found the public access and stopped top watch. What a great way to start the weekend off. Make… more