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A 50/50 chance...

Have you ever noticed that when you have a 50/50 chance

your guess will be wrong about 75% of the time?

If we have a 50% chance of rain and you have a party, it

is likely to be a 75% chance it will rain.

OR...if you need the rain you will have  a 75% chance it will not rain.


So, what is the point?

Playing the guessing game with Real Estate is not a scientific process.

We check out the known and do our best to be 100% right.

Will we be?

Most likely not 100%, but it will be much better than 50/50.



WE have about a 50% chance of rain later tonight...I am betting on the 75% myself!


Comment balloon 13 commentsWilliam Feela • September 19 2018 11:46PM
A 50/50 chance…
Have you ever noticed that when you have a 50/50 chance your guess will be wrong about 75% of the time? If we have a 50% chance of rain and you have a party, it is likely to be a 75% chance it will rain. OR… if you need the rain you will have a 75… more
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