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How important is a school district???

I often here that buyers want to be in a certain school district.

I always ask what the reason is for their choice.

I am told many reasons...

Football program

Hockey program

other sports.



I almost never hear...Academics program.

Availability of college courses  while in high school.

Extra curricular studies  program like the debate team, or

other activities that will be a great learning or the future.


Sadly it seems that school is going the way of the general population in that SPORTS is the most important thing in life.

This thought is often the catalyst of a big heart break.


So, what is important to you...

A school with great academics or sports?



Comment balloon 14 commentsWilliam Feela • July 22 2017 01:14PM
How important is a school district???
I often here that buyers want to be in a certain school district. I always ask what the reason is for their choice. I am told many reasons… Football program Hockey program other sports. I almost never hear… Academics program. Availability of… more
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