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A little humor to finish the day

There are times in our lives we get a bit jumpy.

It can be because of a lot of things.

Sometimes a Storm, or maybe a time of the year...Halloween for instance.

Some people are jumpy as part of their personality.

And others may have a good ...

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Comment balloon 10 commentsWilliam Feela • November 05 2018 01:20AM
A little humor to finish the day
There are times in our lives we get a bit jumpy. It can be because of a lot of things. Sometimes a Storm, or maybe a time of the year… Halloween for instance. Some people are jumpy as part of their personality. And others may have a good.. See… more
I took time out to work today.
If you have followed my blog the last few days, you know I am deer Hunting. My clients, city folk all the way asked why I hunt and what could be so enjoyable. Well I told them this is what I saw today… 14 species of birds all day long. Rabbits… more
It is about 6:15 am and I am one with nature.
Well, maybe not totally one with nature, but I feel free in this crisp morning air. God and I have had a short conversation where I listened most o the time. Pushing 6:20 and the small birds and squirrels about 10 of them, are stirring. Ooops, a c… more
Deer hunting is much like Real Estate
I can hear it already… How can you compare the two? Well, both take preparations, and precautions. They both have a way of claiming success. Although for many hunting is More about the chase than the harvesting. I have followed a deer for… more
I feel like Santa Clauss.
I have my list and I am checking it twice and even 3 times. It is my list for what I take in my back pack for hunting. Snacks, water, dry gloves just to name a few. I should not be worried, I am hunting about 300 yards from the house. I sold my… more
Hunting widows!
Well, it is that time again. The onslaught of the "Hunting Widows! " Every year the men spend money on hunting. Every year rhe ladies get even. Most look forward to the men being gone for 3-4 days or more. A friend has his wife go with… more
Bill, I changed my mind!!!!
Minnesota Deer Hunter. Like many hunters all over country, they are put down for their activity. Very much like a neighbor of mine… that is until one night last year. There was a knock at my door. An elderly lady form down the road was at my door… more
Minnesota Firearm Deer Opener.
Yes, all around the country it is some sort of hunting season. This weekend it is Minnesota's time. The dreams are of not only seeing a deer but being able to harvest one. I know that there are many who do not believe in hunting, but it is a way… more
It is near winter… will your trees survive?
Yes, winter is knocking at our door. You just planted some trees t his fall. Now you are worried about them surviving. Well, per my tree farm expert, now is a great time to plant. Make sure you dig the whole 1 1/2 times the size of the root ball… more
Animals are preparing for winter… are you?
Yes, winter is soon upon us and there is a lot to do. For me I believe it will hit us really soon. The animals have been packing away the food. Look at this little guy he can't get anymore in his cheeks to take back to his lair. Other animals are… more