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Line up your builder now!!!!

In North Branch, Mn the builders are ramping up.

people are out making decisions on a brand new home.

There are many decisions to make in this process.

Choosing a builder can be a very big one.

Many builders are now booked to start a home into the middle of June.

By the end of the month they will be looking for I into July.


Don't wait!

There is a very high demand and the early bird gets the brand new home!


If these walls could talk.  It was once a new home for some proud owner!


Comment balloon 3 commentsWilliam Feela • April 23 2018 02:12AM
Line up your builder now!!!!
In North Branch, Mn the builders are ramping up. people are out making decisions on a brand new home. There are many decisions to make in this process. Choosing a builder can be a very big one. Many builders are now booked to start a home into the… more
It is hard to believe!
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Don't be last in line!
North Branch, Mn., WE are warming up. The bug to get out and find a new home has hit. There are more people calling now that the weather has turned nice. People are lining up to view the nice homes. In a few weeks it will be actually crowded… more
Home safety…
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Warnm Weather for Minnesota.
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