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North Branch, Minnesota...a piece of heaven

Yes, it is still in Minnesota, the Frozen Tundra of the  North.

But there are so many advantages here.

Small town atmosphere.

We do get some wind and maybe a small tornado, but we don't get...

Hurricaines, F5 tonado's...

Massive Forest fires...

100 year floods every few years.

Sweltering heat.


We have good fishing and hunting.

We have or are close to great shopping and eateries.

Very good roads and srill room to stretch out when we need.


Moving?  Think North Branch, Minnesota.



Comment balloon 3 commentsWilliam Feela • January 09 2017 02:15AM
North Branch, Minnesota… a piece of heaven
Yes, it is still in Minnesota, the Frozen Tundra of the North. But there are so many advantages here. Small town atmosphere. We do get some wind and maybe a small tornado, but we don't get… Hurricaines, F5 tonado's… Massive Forest fires… 100… more
Baby, it's cold outside… NOT!!!
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Football playoffs are here. North Branch, Mn has picked their fav's
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North Branch, Minnesota… a great place to live.
North Branch, Minnesota is a great place to live. If you are thinking of moving my direction, this is the place to be. Right now there is a small variety of nice homes for sale. There is a light rumble that interest rates will climb a bit later in… more
She said I am getting forgetful here in North Branch Mn
I hear it often. "You are getting so forgetful! " That would be my wife! But I am not getting forgetful. I do have selective hearing at times. Especially when I need it to be. But, I will admit, I do have a problem. And that problem is… more
North Branch, Mn. Easy living.
North Branch Minnesota is a great place to live. WE have great schools. Employment options and enough shopping to suffice for all the needs one has. WE even have great health care even with the fiasco we have right now. Home prices are really good… more
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Beware… Internet Loans!
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North Branch, Mn sellers, On your Mark…
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