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Even guys are burning things nowdays...

I thought this was cute...


A newcomer to the old age retirement home was talking to one of the old guys...


See those guys over there playing shuffle board.

They burn their old Jockey shorts.

Then they give a trophy to the one with the wildest briefs.

You should see the crazy ones...Hawaiian, tiger strips, sea cows and more.


What do they call this usual  event.


Why, it is the boxer rebellion.

Comment balloon 12 commentsWilliam Feela • March 13 2017 03:28AM
Even guys are burning things nowdays…
I thought this was cute… A newcomer to the old age retirement home was talking to one of the old guys… See those guys over there playing shuffle board. They burn their old Jockey shorts. Then they give a trophy to the one with the wildest… more
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