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Fantasy Bseball is here!

Well, not for the active rain League.

I had 9 teams last year.

One of the leagues signed up today and I re-newed my team.

Yes, it may  be a bit early, but when the passion is there, it is time!

Active Rain's League will kick off in the coming weeks once we see

some pre-season action.

Until then I await the rest of my leagues start ups.


Comment balloon 6 commentsWilliam Feela • February 16 2018 02:55AM
Fantasy Bseball is here!
Well, not for the ActiveRain League. I had 9 teams last year. One of the leagues signed up today and I re-newed my team. Yes, it may be a bit early, but when the passion is there, it is time! ActiveRain's League will kick off in the coming weeks… more
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