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Ole and Sven go Deer Hunting...

Hard to pass up on Ole and Sven during this season...



Ole shot a deer and Sven was helping Ole drag it out of the woods.

They ran into their neighbor Bill.   "What you guys think you are doing?" Bill asks.


"Well, we shot this deer and we are pulling it out of the woods." Was Ole's response.


"Yes, I can see that, but if yo pulled the deer by the head instead of the feet it will go with the lay of the hair and pull easier." 


So, they started to pull the deer by the head..."Hey this does work good," said Sven..."Bill is a pretty smart cookie."

"Ah," Said Ole..."He isn't so smart, we are getting deeper and deeper into the woods."




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Ole and Sven go Deer Hunting…
Hard to pass up on Ole and Sven during this season… Ole shot a deer and Sven was helping Ole drag it out of the woods. They ran into their neighbor Bill. "What you guys think you are doing? " Bill asks. "Well, we shot this… more
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