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It is hard to buy a small tractor...

It is hard to buy a small tractor now days...within a small budget.

First off you are wondering why does he need a tractor.

The first is I plow snow with it.

I also pull out the occasional traveler that had a bad time navigating our slippery roads.

I cut fire wood.

I can prepare my garden with it.

I grade and level off my non-paved driveway.

I haul things in the bucket.

I lift heavy items.

and so on.


I don't use it every day but it comes in very handy.


So there are a lot of tractors out there.

Yes, but I don't need to spend $20,000 for one that is smaller than mine.

I can find them on my price range but they are very large and not in as big of a need.

It used to be that every small town had 1 or 2 farm stores, now there is one in every 4-5 towns

and the inventory is limited in the small tractors I want.


Tonight, I looked at 6,000+ listings on craigs list and found nothing.

But, I know one day one will show up, and I will be there right away with my cash!



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