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Hey Bill...Why don't you move from Minnesota?

I get that question a lot.  Why do I want to live somewhere that it is so cold and all that snow?

Well, I look around and this is my response...

I have never had to worry about a hurricane.

Wildfires are a much rarer thing.

It does not get to be 100 degrees for months on end. (I don't care...100 + is still HOT!)

Snow, yes we get some, but seldom do we get what they get in the mountains or the lake effect snow of the great lakes.

Where I am at I don't get flooded out.

And I am not in Tornado alley.  (We may get 10-20 for the entire state all year) 

They get 20 - 30 in one storm at times.

Now look at the East coast, yes, this is probably a once in a life time storm...but we have never been close to this one.


I could tell you about all the good things but that would be just rubbing it in for one thing.  And secondly, I like being a more sparsely populated.  My lakes are not so crowded!


So, NO, I will not be moving away from Minnesota anytime soon.



Comment balloon 11 commentsWilliam Feela • January 23 2016 04:04PM
Hey Bill… Why don't you move from Minnesota?
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