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Today is the All-star game..How are the Fantasy teams doing?

It has only been a few games since the last update.


Here is where the teams stack up...and believe me, it is anyone's game...


The point difference between 1st and last was 65 points but we are at 62 at this point.

Grand Theft Votto had the one day largest gain of 7 points.  Natty buzz had the largest one day loss of 5.5.


And the standings are as follows:

                                              Position change                           Points change


1) Brewster9                                 N/C                                           -1.5

2)Tinkers2Evers2Chance                N/C                                          -1.5

3) Grand Theft Votto                      Up from 4th                             +13

4) The Good Guys                          Down from 3rd                         -1

5) Minnesota Rain                         up from 6th                              -1.5

6) Natty Buzz                                Down from 4th                         -8.5

7) The Team of Realman                up from 8th                              -0-

8) Wanda's Swqag Team                up from 9th                              +.5

9) J D Met's                                    Down from 7th                         -2

10) Mary's Team                            Up from 11th                            +3.5

11) Yankees  RULE                         Down from 10th                        -3


It is anyone's game!!!!  I won my first year and at the all star break I was at or very mear the bottom.   I won on the last day.


Those that watch their team will do well.


Let's play ball!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                

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Today is the All-star game.. How are the Fantasy teams doing?
It has only been a few games since the last update. Here is where the teams stack up… and believe me, it is anyone's game… The point difference between 1st and last was 65 points but we are at 62 at this point. Grand Theft Votto had the one… more
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