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Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota...winter time!

Gooseberry Falls can be a small enjoyable falls like right now, or it can be raging.  When the falls are small you can walk right up close to them.



WE visited the falls this past Monday to see how the ice formations would be.  They were awesome.  This is the first time we have been there in the winter time.



Then as if on 'Q' it started to snow...perfect!


Gooseberry Falls State Park is located on the west shores of Lake Superior about a 1/2 hour north of Duluth, Minnesota.


It is well worth the stop any time of the year.  Allow 1-2 hours and more to take it all in.

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Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota… winter time!
Gooseberry Falls can be a small enjoyable falls like right now, or it can be raging. When the falls are small you can walk right up close to them. WE visited the falls this past Monday to see how the ice formations would be. They were awesome… more
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