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Time for an Active Rain Fantasy Baseball update...

As the season progresses we see some teams up and down and  few staying the course.


Standings as follows...:                          Point change                     POSITION CHANGE

1)Tinkers2Evers2Chance                         0                                      No position Change

2)Brewster9                                            + 34.5                               Up from 7th

3)Grand Theft Votto                                 + 7.5                               Down from 2nd

4)The Good Guys                                     + 11.5                              Down from 3rd

5)The Team of Realman                           + 8                                   Up from 8th

6)J.D. Met's                                              - 6.5                                Up from 9th

7)Wanda's Swag Team                              + 5.5                               No Change

8)Minnesota Rain                                      - 3                                   Up from 10th

9)Yankee's Rule                                         - 9                                  Down from 4th

10)Natty Buzz                                           - 5.5                                Down from 6th

11)Mary's Team                                        - 12.5                              Down from 5th     


The point span between 1st and last places is 49 points...44 points the last  update.

Wanda's Swag team had the one day most point change of 16.

Wanda's Swag team also had the one day biggest point drop of 9.5       


Good luck to your favorite teams...Let them know that you are rooting for them.



Comment balloon 8 commentsWilliam Feela • May 04 2016 08:02PM
Time for an ActiveRain Fantasy Baseball update…
As the season progresses we see some teams up and down and few staying the course. Standings as follows… : Point change POSITION CHANGE 1)Tinkers2Evers2Chance 0 .. more
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